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I’ve spent a lot of Maribelle’s life feeling guilty that I don’t *know* her as well as I *know* Annelise.  You know, that innate mother’s way of knowing her children and what they need and like and what each of their little sounds and faces means.  I know that it’s impossible to compare your experiences with two children…like I probably don’t accurately remember how well I knew Annelise at certain stages of her life.  And I had only Annelise to deal with when she was a baby so of course I felt like I knew her more.

But today, I was laying Maribelle down for her nap and as I did, without thought I put an extra binkie in her hand.  And it struck me that I did this because I *know* Maribelle.  And I know that she likes to be holding something when she falls asleep.  That it helps settle her down.  I would never have done this with Annelise because she didn’t care about holding onto something while she slept.  And I probably won’t do it with future children unless they seem like they need it.  I do it because I know my Maribelle.

It feels good when you have those moments with your second-born.  I don’t want to take them for granted.

(And now she’s up from that nap…gotta go!)


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This Is Love

Annelise is my soft-hearted little girl. Oh yes, she has her toddler moments.  But she is my tender heart.

No one is the recipient of her love and care like her little sister.

Yesterday, Annelise had her binkie and Maribelle fell down and started to cry.  She did not have her own binkie so Annelise immediately ran over to Maribelle and gave Maribelle her binkie.  Her binkie is the thing she loves most in the world.  And she knew her sister needed it more than she did so she gave it to her.  Freely.  Willingly.  Lovingly.  Without a second thought.

You guys, I want to be Annelise.

Do to others as you would have them do to you. -Luke 6:31

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