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To My Second Born

Maribelle Joy–

I’m sitting on our couch tonight, snuggling with you in my lap, and I think it’s time for your first letter. You must be laying with me as I write tonight because as content as you are to spend a lot of your day in your bouncy seat while I run around taking care of your big sister, evenings are our time together.  We lay on the couch together and keep each other warm.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day…the few hours I get to have with just you–getting to know you, paying attention to you and trying to figure you out.

Thus far in your little life, you have lived up to your name.  You are a beauty and a total source of joy.  You are hands down the easiest baby I’ve ever known.  You are just happy – All. The. Time.  You rarely cry, and if you do, it’s more like this cute little squak.  You’ve gotten really worked up a couple of times, but generally if you are fed and warm, you are totally content.  Also, you have the sweetest little smile and you’ve started making little noises.  Needless to say, they melt my heart.

I have to say that we were pretty surprised to get such a fair, almost blonde baby.  With blue eyes that don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.  I prayed long before we ever had kids that God would give us one baby with light eyes.  It now appears that we’re 2 for 2 on blue eyes, which just makes me laugh in light of how dominant your father’s features are.  And as much as Annelise looks like him in almost every way, I think you’re going to be a mini-Mommy.  You look just like my baby pictures, and it delights me to have a daughter who might take after me.

Significant memories from your first couple months…

…You rolled over yesterday!  From your belly to your back.  At about two and a half months.  Maybe you’re motivated to get moving quickly from fear of your older sister and what she might do to you.  Whatever the motive, your daddy and I were very proud of you.

…You were a good eater and a good sleeper from day one.  Daddy once called you a “workhorse” when eating.  He was right.  When you are eating, nothing distracts you.  Not even your sister poking your eye or sitting on you.

…Speaking of your sister, she loves you.  A lot.  A little over zealously at times.  She goes from getting as close as she can to you and saying, “Hi Baby!” to tickling your belly.  From tickling your belly to tickling your head.  From tickling your head to hitting your head.  She was also the cause of the early loss of your umbilical cord stump.  You tolerate her very well though.  I pray for the two of you, that you will love each other and grow up being the best of friends.

…The first couple months of your life, you had what I’ll call a “goopy eye”.  It was a blocked tear duct, and no matter what I did, it didn’t get better.  In fact, it just kept getting worse.  Your eye would be sealed shut sometimes because of all the goop.  Finally, one night, your daddy and I prayed for it.  And I do not say this lightly, but little girl, God healed your eye.  The next day, your eye was fine and has been fine ever since.  You were healed.  Because He loves you so much that He cared that your eye was goopy and sore, and He made it better when we couldn’t.

Becoming a mom of two hasn’t been a totally easy transition for me.  I feel guilty.  A lot.  Either I’m paying too much attention to you and not enough to your sister.  Or vice versa.  Or I’m paying attention to both of you and not getting anything done around the house.  It can be frustrating, but I’m learning and growing through it.

Having you has actually taught me more about unconditional love and maybe a little bit more about the way God loves me (which is really hard for Mommy to understand most of the time).  You see, on the longest days when I feel I’ve neglected you the most, whenever I slow down and look at you and say hi to you, you smile at me with the biggest grin.  And you talk to me.  You still love me, even when I haven’t been the mommy I want to be.  And to think that God loves me and that God loves you a little like that, even on our worst days… I am so thankful for that.

So, little one, thanks for being a source of joy for us.  We delight in you.  I can barely remember what life was like before you were in it.  It wasn’t as good as it is now, that’s for sure.  You’re my little girl.  My Maribelle Joy.  Daddy’s MJ.  Our workhorse.  We love you.




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