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This pregnancy has been marked mostly by me forgetting I’m pregnant half the time.  Until I try to do something like sit up using my abs or button my skinny jeans.  Tomorrow is our 20 week appointment–the halfway mark.  I honestly can’t wrap my mind around it.  We will hopefully get to find out tomorrow if we’ll experience the joy of having another little girl or if we’ll be embarking on the new adventure of having a boy.  Either way, I’ll be really excited.  Last time around, if I was really being honest, I wanted to have a girl.  This time, I will be truly ecstatic either way.

Today, I had a really vivid dream that we were having a girl.  I woke up and thought, “I have to call my mom and tell her we’re having a girl.  I can’t believe I forgot to tell her.”  Then I remembered that our appointment is tomorrow.  Royce came home from campus today and said he had a feeling that we’re having a girl too.  Which is really funny because for the past 19 weeks, we’ve both been 99% certain we’re having a boy.  I guess we’ll be surprised either way tomorrow!

I’ve been “sure” almost from day one that we’re having a boy…this pregnancy has been so different from my one with Annelise.  Plus, I’ve just had this feeling…the “it’s a boy” feeling.

The first trimester this time around was rough.  Similarly to last time, I felt nauseous 24/7.  And also similarly, I never threw up (except one time when I had the flu and one time when I cleaned out a sippy cup filled with rotten milk…ewww).  But the constant nausea this time around made me want to eat ALL THE TIME.  With Annelise, I had to force myself to eat.  This time, I had cravings.  Like for McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I only indulged a couple times, and oh, they were so good when I did.  The ironic thing is that even though I ate way more this time around, as of 16 weeks, I hadn’t gained any weight this pregnancy, even though I started showing much earlier.  Oh pregnancy and all its quirkiness.

It was exhausting going through the first trimester tired phase while trying to keep up with Annelise and her needs.  There were literally days where I thought there was no way I could ever be pregnant again.  It was just so hard.  I didn’t get anything done.  I mostly laid on the couch all day every day.  Then, FINALLY, around 14 weeks, I magically started to feel better.  It should be noted that I started feeling normal at 10 weeks last time so those 4 extra weeks of nausea and fatigue were not the most fun I’ve ever had (I think Royce would agree).

But you know what’s funny about pregnancy?  I’ve already “forgotten” all of that.  I daydream about having more kids.  My “I’ll never do this again” attitude is all but gone.

Probably because second trimester has been soooo easy.  I have no symptoms (except the whole baby on the bladder thing), and I’ve felt the baby moving pretty consistently for a while now (so fun).  Royce got to feel it for the first time last night.  It was awesome.  I think this baby is slightly less stubborn than our first born.  She stopped kicking whenever Royce tried to feel her move.  This little one let Daddy in on the action.  Now, I have energy most days.  I’m not uncomfortable yet.  It is just really great.  This is the point of pregnancy where I think, “I could do this 100 times.”

I can’t wait to find out what we’re having tomorrow, and I’m praying that our baby won’t be too modest and will let us in on the secret.  I think pregnancy starts to feel much more real to me once I know what we’re having.  This is when I start thinking of names and organizing clothes and daydreaming about nursery decorations.  This is when I’ll start writing letters to #2.  This is when we find out how the Baker family will shape up–two daughters or one of each.  We’ll be thrilled either way…


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