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“Discard Excess Marinade”

You guys, I just had a memory while I was making dinner, and I just have to share it with you (while my daughter uses our dishwasher as her personal jungle gym).

Background:  I am not the most proficient in the kitchen.  I don’t know how to make a lot of stuff.  My mom is a really great cook; I just don’t quite get it.  I’m not like a terrible cook, but let’s just say Royce and I have a very limited menu to choose from each week…spaghetti, burritos, chicken stir fry, etc.  I’ve added things to my repetiore over the years, but let’s just say the first few years of marriage, we ate a LOT of stir fry.

I’m also not super adventurous when it comes to flavors so we pretty much went through 1,000 bottles of Lawry’s Teriyaki marinade.  It’s my favorite, and we used it all the time (still do, I was using it tonight, which is what reminded me of this story).

Now, here’s the confusing thing about the marinade.  On the bottle, there is this warning! that says “Discard Excess Marinade”.  This was always confusing to me because the bottle also said “Refrigerate after opening”.  But being the new wife/cook that I was, I really wanted to follow the directions and not poison my beloved husband.  So I assumed the “excess marinade” meant whatever I didn’t use.  The marinade that was left in the bottle.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

So FOR TWO YEARS, I would use about half a bottle of Lawry’s Teriyaki marinade and then throw the rest of the bottle away, thinking about how wasteful that was.  Seriously.  Until one day it dawned on me, “The excess marinade is what I actually put on the chicken.  Not the marinade left in the bottle.”  Hit forehead because duh! 

And while I’m throwing out true confessions from the kitchen, let me throw Royce under the bus too.

A year or two ago, I had made some chicken curry and saved the leftovers for Royce.  Every day for a week, I would tell him, “Just make some rice so you can have your leftovers for lunch/dinner.”  And every day, he didn’t do it.  Finally, the leftovers were too old to be eaten, and I was so mad that they had gone to waste.  I asked him why he never ate them.  He sheepishly replied, “Because I didn’t know how to make the rice.”  He was 27 years old.

So, want to come join us for dinner sometime?


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Ducks in a Row

My little girl is eight months old today.  I can hardly believe it.  EIGHT MONTHS is a long time.  The thing that is perhaps hardest for me about these milestones (and about being a mom in general) is that I really thought I would “have it together” by now.  I thought the same thing at five months.  And six months.  And now eight months.  I mean, shouldn’t I have this whole mom thing figured out by now?

I feel like life is moving by at breakneck speed, and I’m just doing all I can to hold on and keep up.  Which doesn’t leave me a lot of time and energy for being proactive and thinking ahead and being intentional.  I’ve found myself just reacting to life situations and trying to get by week to week.  I think the three areas of life that I feel like a failure in are working out, spending time with Jesus and loving my husband well.

Working out is often one of my biggest struggles.  It is typically the first thing to go when schedules get full and life gets busy.  One way that I feel like life is okay is if I have enough time to run.  And before Annelise was born, I had this goal in my mind that I would run another half marathon before our next baby.  And if you know me very well at all, you should know that if I set a goal, I usually achieve it.  I’m not saying that to be braggy.  It’s just … who I am.  So, I reach a milestone like 8 months and think, “I have run approximately five times since Annelise was born.  Wow, I suck.”  And the longer I go, the harder it is to think about starting to run again because a) getting back in shape is sooooo haaaaaard and b) the closer we are to having another baby so seriously, what is the point?  Then, I look at my saggy, deflated balloon stomach and know that I have got to do something.  So, I’m going to start running again.  Next week.  Probably.

Although my running life has been non-existant, my times with Jesus have at least been semi-consistant.  But just not what I want.  I’ve been working on the same five week bible study since June.  And I keep procrastinating on it because I just don’t know what I want to do next.  So I can’t finish this until I know I can start something new.  So, look a week has gone by and I haven’t been in the Word at all.  I know I need to be renewed.  And honestly, I thought it would be pretty easy to have time with the Lord.  My child takes two, if not three, naps each day.  My goal is to sit my butt down during one of them and renew this mind I have that is so quick to believe lies and forget that I am loved.  And the beauty of the Gospel.  And the wonder of the Cross. 

And marriage.  Maybe they need to go over how to have a good marriage and pursue one another and have intimate times together once you have a baby in pre-marital counseling because I just feel lost.  On the one hand, Royce and I have become a great parenting duo.  He makes it so much easier for me to be a mom.  He’s super helpful, and Annelise just adores him.  But I guess I thought we’d have the husband and wife part of marriage figured out by now.  I knew that having a baby would be a big adjustment and that we’d certainly have to work harder at pursuing each other.  I just don’t think I knew how hard it would be.  I can totally see how marriages become all about the kids. 

I wish I had some insightful way to end this post.  Essentially, here I am, 8 months in, and I have no idea what I’m doing.  I love being a mom.  If you’ve read anything on this blog, you’ll know that I love Annelise so much.  But I want to figure out what it looks like to be Liz as a mom.  I know I won’t be the same Liz I was before.  I know I won’t be the perfect wife or the girl who doesn’t miss a training run or the most consistant follower of Jesus ever.  But I do want to be better.  I want to live my life with purpose.  I want to care about and prioritize the things that are important.  Even when it’s messy.  Even when half my day is spent with a little person glued to my leg and/or chest.  I want to have all my ducks … maybe not in a row but at least present and accounted for.  Please tell me I’m not alone.

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