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Growing Up

Dear Annelise–

Dang girl, you are growing up so fast. Tonight, I gave you your first bath with no bath support.  You just sat in the tub on your own and I gave you toys and you crawled after one.  In the bathtub.  And you only fell over into the water once (insert mom guilt here). 

You have done so much recently, I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s see, I would tell you about how awesome you are at crawling, but yawn, that’s old news to you now that you can pull yourself up on stuff to stand.  Today, you pulled yourself up on one of your old diaper boxes and used it like an old lady walker to walk around the room.  I’m slightly terrified of the thought of you walking.  Heck, I’m still getting used to the thought of you crawling.  So can you please slow down and stay in one stage long enough for me to enjoy it?  You don’t have to be quite so over-achieverish.

Currently your waking hours look a little like this:  Eat.  Play on the floor.  Crawl over to something taller than you.  Pull yourself up to standing on said thing.  Fall over.  Hit head.  Cry.  Mommy holds you.  You recover.  Repeat cycle.

Two words I would use to describe you right now are fearless and adventurous.  You never stop exploring.  And even though you fall down, you want to try again.  Only this time instead of just standing beside the box, you’re going to try to climb on top of it.  And oops, you fell down again.

Your favorite toys right now include Mommy and Daddy’s shoes, computers, remote controls, cell phones, old boxes, Sunny’s chewies, and your magnetic letters on the fridge (minus the capital “K” because Sunny ate that one today).

You also strongly protest getting dressed/getting your diaper changed.  Trying to pin you down and keep you from rolling over on the changing table is akin to trying to hold onto one of those weird snake things that try to jump out of your hand at Cracker Barrel.  You are just so crazy and all over the place.  I’ve tried to implement a firm “No” with you, but I wouldn’t say you’re learning quite yet.

You’re still very against solid food.  Sometimes you don’t swallow the food and instead make yourself gag to the point of vomitting.  But Mommy has been very committed to making you your own baby food from fresh! organic! fruits and vegetables.  This way, you’re only throwing up the very best.

You are so much fun right now in so many ways, Annelise.  You love to smile at us when we walk in the room.  You love playing airplane with me (especially when the plane hits “turbulance” and you get bounced around).  You’ve started laughing when we play peek-a-boo.  I would say you like reading, but what you really like is trying to rip pages/get the whole book in your mouth. 

We’ve gone swimming a lot recently, and you’ve done so well.  The first time we took you, you dramatically cried and cried every time even your little toe hit the water.  Now, you’ll go in all the way up to your chest and kick your legs.  Even when the water is really cold and Mommy isn’t even sure she wants to be in the pool, you do great.

I’m just so proud of the little girl you’re becoming.  Every day I think you become more and more a little person, not just my baby.  Which is sometimes hard because some days I just want you to snuggle with me and fall asleep on my chest.  But you’re too busy for that right now.  You have places to go and things to do.  Let’s just not start walking anytime soon, okay?

I love you little girl.  Thanks for making being a mom the best job I’ve ever had.  There is no one else I’d rather spend my days (and middle of the nights) with than you. 


Mama (This is supposed to be your first word too, mmmmkay?)


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I’m standing in line at Panera holding Annelise facing out on my hip (classic mom stance) and talking to my friend Robin when all of a sudden, I feel warm wetness on my arm.  Annelise had one of the biggest spit-ups of her life all over me and the floor at Panera.  Awkward.

I walk into the living room after having been gone for 30 seconds.  Annelise has crawled across the floor and is putting a battery in her mouth.  Bad mom moment.

I feed Annelise in bed in the morning while I keep dozing.  When she’s done, she and Royce and I lay there together and talk and giggle and make faces.  Beautiful.

We take Annelise to the park to swing on the baby swing.  On every back and forth of the swing, her expression changes…smiling when she’s going backward and scared when she’s going forward.  Hilarious.

Annelise lays in her “jungle” gym on the floor playing with her toys.  Sunny lays alongside her with his chewie.  She spits up.  He tries desperately to lick it up before I can clean it.  Gross, but slightly helpful.

Royce and I are packing up to leave Fredericktown.  I leave Annelise sitting on the bed while we talk about how best to pack.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see her start to fall headfirst off the bed.  Royce jumps across the room and catches her in midair.  Heroic.

I blow raspberries on Annelise’s stomach.  She cracks up laughing.  Priceless.

I take Annelise to childcare at church.  I set her down on the ground, and she army crawls toward the new toys that surround her.  I kiss her, tell her I love her and leave the room.  I watch from the window as she makes her way toward the new treasures.  Proud.

Annelise screams in the middle of the night and won’t be consoled except by nursing.  Didn’t expect to still be waking for feedings six months into this parenting thing.  Tired.

We go to a pool party where people are splashing around playing a pool game.  Annelise watches from the side with a look of concern.  She doesn’t stop “talking” to the people playing.  I think she’s trying to boss them around.  Really cute.

Every night we sing “Jesus Loves Me” and pray for Annelise to grow healthy and strong.  We pray every night that she would know that God loves her and that one day she would love other people because of His love for her.  Before I go to bed a few hours later, I poke my head in her room to check on her.  Routine.

Annelise crawls for the first time on the floor at the Ullman’s house.  We look at her in amazement.  Growing up…too fast.

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