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Why I Blog…

I never thought I would be a “blogger”.

In college, everyone had their own Xanga site where they would post pictures and share witty stories and, I don’t know, generally talk about life.  I don’t remember now.  And I said I would NEVER have one.  Because, honestly, I am not that intentionally funny.  And I figured if I had one, I would end up chronicling what I did that day, which really, who cares?

(Although I don’t consider myself to be that funny, I do think I’m fun.  Stereotypically, I think most girls are much more fun than they are funny.)

Then, one night a couple years ago, I was reading my friend Jolie’s blog.  My dad and Royce were watching some guy movie of which I had no interest so I started clicking on the links on her page to other blogs that she read.  And I discovered the mom blog.  I was hooked.  I didn’t know these women or their children or their spouses, but I loved their stories.  Their honesty and their ability to capture the everyday moments of life.

One writer in particular really wowed me–Rebecca of Girl’s Gone Child (Her blog name was also the inspiration for my own blog’s name.  I emailed her and asked if it was bad blog etiquette to use a similar play on words.  She emailed me back and told me to “blog on with my bad self”.  I was so ecstatic.  I still have the email).  She has a way of seeing beauty in the mundane.  She obviously adores her kids.  She is just a really gifted writer.

So I think somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted to start my own blog when it was time for Royce and I to start a family.  I knew I would be a terrible mother when it came to recording facts in a baby book.  And I thought it was more important and significant to tell my children the story of their lives.  I want them to know how I was feeling during pregnancy and what they were doing at different stages of life and how I felt about being a mom.  Because these are the things I care about the most and want to know from my own mom.  I don’t care when I crawled; I want to know what she felt my first month home.  I don’t care when I first started cooing; I want to know how her heart melted at the sound.

So here it is.  Annelise’s very own baby book. The story of her life.  I don’t know how long it will last or how often I will write or how it will change and evolve as she grows and we have more kids.  But for now, this is my gift to her.  And to Royce and myself.  Our life.  Our story.  Here to be shared with you.  Enjoy the beautifully mundane.  Enjoy the wonderful moments. 

Moments like this:

Thanks for caring.

(Incidentally, I’ve been meaning to write this post since before Annelise was born.  The catalyst which propelled me to write it tonight?  My dad and Royce watching “Alice in Wonderland”.  It all comes back around I suppose.)


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