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10.  Always wear lipstick on stage or in professional photographs if you don’t want your lips to disappear.

9.  Never, I repeat never, pay full price for an item of clothing.  When you enter a store, go straight for the sale rack.  However, make sure you touch everything on the racks on your way back.

8.  Stop and admire the roses.  And lilies and tulips and daffodils.  Just not the crown vetch!

7.  It’s important to be there for your kids.  Whether soccer games, wedding planning or every day phone calls, be available to them and be their biggest cheerleader.

6.  Eat outside as often as the weather allows.  And linger at the table as long as possible.

5.  Play games with your family.  Just be sure to use your skip card on Dad as often as possible.

4.  Don’t be afraid to learn new things, no matter your age/perceived level of athletic ability.

3.  Don’t wear orange if you’re a winter.  Wear purple and fuschia and pretty greens.

2.  Enjoy life with your husband.  Find ways to have fun together.

1.  No one loves you like your mom does. 

Mom, your advice is valuable, but your love and support is priceless.  Love you and hope Annelise and I can be friends the way you and I are someday.  You’re the best.


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