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The Ways of Annelise

She has two distinct cries right now. The first we call the “whine” cry. She does it when she’s hungry. It’s more of a half-hearted wah (pause) wah (pause) wah. It sounds like she’s trying to talk to us. “Mom. Dad. Please. Feed. Me.” And the cry ends abruptly as soon as she finds Mommy, the source of mmmmmm milk. Then, there is her the-world-is-ending-omg-I’m-going-to-die cry. She does this when she is tired and not yet asleep. She screams at the top of her little lungs for about 5-10 minutes, laying swaddled in her Pack N Play. Then, just as quickly as she turns the volume up, she turns it completely off in an instant. She is fast asleep.

She loves to cuddle after eating. She’ll either curl up on my chest or lean back on my legs, totally content. This is when she smiles the most. She’s happy, passing gas, falling asleep and showing us her little grin. She has a couple different smiles—a little half smile with just one side of her mouth turned up and a big open mouthed smile. I think she’ll one day use that one when she laughs.

During her few alert times during the day, she loves to look around, especially at the light in the living room. She tries to put her hands in her mouth. She sits contentedly in her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I shower and get ready. She loves the jingling sound one of her dolls makes. Royce jingles it near her head, and her eyes light up. She will look for the sound and then follow it with her eyes. She lays on her belly and is getting better and better at holding her head up.

She likes listening to Dr. Seuss books. The other day, she did the cutest thing of her life while Royce was reading. Right in the middle of “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, Sunny let out a very loud bark. She usually doesn’t notice his barking, but this one really startled her. She went from super content face to a huge frown to letting out the most pathetic cry. Royce and I laughed at her. It was just too adorable.

Taking a bath is one of her favorite activities. Usually she cries for the first few seconds, unsure of what is going on. But as soon as I pour some warm water on her belly, she relaxes and enjoys the fun. She kicks her legs and tries to suck on her hands. Sometimes, she doesn’t like getting out of the tub and cries. How insulting that we would remove her from such a wonderful warm environment.

She definitely recognizes Royce and me, and she likes each of us in different scenarios. When she is alert, no one in the world is cooler than Royce. She looks at his face with intensity. She listens to him and watches him very closely. When she is tired or gassy and needing comfort, only Mommy will do. And of course, at feeding time I’m more popular than the Jonas Brothers.

She sleeps. A lot. She likes being swaddled at night. During the day, she sleeps in her Boppy or bouncy seat or on one of our chests. She senses the moment I fall asleep for an afternoon nap and wakes up needing food. She usually lets me get a three hour stretch of sleep and a couple shorter stints of sleep at night.

She crosses her eyes when she’s really trying to focus.

She rests her hand on my chest when she’s eating.

She looks just like her father when she’s tired.

She steals my heart a little more each day.


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