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34 Weeks

34 Weeks

 I cannot believe we only have 6 weeks to go.  And yet I also feel like, “How do we STILL have 6 more weeks to go?”  Mostly I feel that way at times like right now when I’m sitting up at 2:30 in the morning unable to sleep because of heartburn. 

Heartburn…you are my nemesis.  Praise Jesus for (generic) Zantac, which definitely helps, and I’ll admit has been a bit of a personal savior in the last couple months.  But the heartburn comes like clockwork.  1:00 am.  Every day.  So I either have to get up or stay up if I’m not already asleep and wait for the Zantac to kick in.  I try taking it early to ward off the burn, but no such luck.  Then, my body says, “Oh, while you’re up, you need to eat.”  Because apparently Baby Girl must! have! food! every two hours at this point.  And the only snacks I like to eat at night are cereal, cookies and milk, or clementines.  All of which contain dairy or acid, which makes the heartburn so much better.  This is the vicious cycle that has become my nights. 

(I could write a review on why Zantac is so much better than Tums, but I will spare you.) 

Other than the heartburn, I’m feeling pretty good.  I can’t breathe very well due to the fact that my daughter’s current favorite hang out spot is under my right rib cage.  Occasionally she likes to try to fit under my sternum as well, but I try to shove her out before she succeeds.  I’ve thought about the alternative though of her “dropping” as the books say, and I think I’ll take this discomfort over feeling like she’s going to fall out when I walk and peeing every 2.5 seconds.  At least I can still get around pretty easily. 

I’ve definitely been nesting recently.  Packing away everything we don’t use.  Going through all the stuff we’ve gotten for her.  Figuring out what we still need, what we can take back and what we can give away.  It is so fun!  Yet it makes it all the more real that one day we will go the hospital.  And then we will come home with our baby.  And we have no idea what to do after that. 

(Side note:  Royce and I have been blown away by how generous people are in providing for this baby.  I think having too many thank you notes to write is a really good problem to have) 

Also, we are taking our childbirth class in less than two weeks.  I told Royce I thought it would be very eye-opening for him.  He said he’d probably spend most of the time there with his eyes closed. He makes me laugh.  But honestly, I’m getting nervous about the whole birthing process and the aftermath.  I think the unknown is what scares me the most.  Because I can ask as many questions as I want or read books or watch the very informative show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on TLC, but let’s face it, I have no category for birth in my mind.  What do you compare it to?  I know the pain will fade, and I will want to do it all over again after I meet our little bundle, but it’s just a little scary going in as a first timer. 

I’m going to post some updated pictures on here later this week.  At our 32 week appointment, my total weight gain had been 23 pounds so I want to wait until after our 34 week appointment on Thursday so I can keep track on here of how the weight gain is going.  Thanks for caring about our family!


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