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Snapshots of Life

So, I think it’s safe to say that life around the Baker household has been a bit crazy for the last month. And I have not sat down to blog or even to think about pregnancy and how it is going.  So I will attempt an all-inclusive update in reverse chronological order.


Today is the 28 week mark of pregnancy…we officially entered 3rd trimester territory last week.  It is so crazy and going by at lightening speed and it seems like two weeks ago that I was writing about life in the second trimester.  Now, we have all of our showers on the calender and have registered for childbirth and breastfeeding classes and start our every-two-weeks doctor’s appointments in just two weeks.  AHHH!

It is really funny to me how quickly things change with each trimester.  Before pregnancy, I heard all the “first is hard, second is a breeze, third is hard again” talk, but it’s amazing how accurate it is.  It seems like in the last week, I all of a sudden became more uncomfortable.  Like my back just hurts and sitting up is harder and bending down is harder and getting comfortable on the couch is nearly impossible.  And, on Friday, Baby Girl discovered my ribs (which I’ll admit was kind of exciting).  It hasn’t been bad so far, but I think it is a good indicator of things to come. 

It is starting to get more real that we’ll be bringing a baby home at some point in the coming months.  Last night, Royce and I couldn’t sleep (because we’ve both been sick this week), and we just sat in the living room, dreaming up different ways of arranging our apartment to fit Baby Girl and her stuff, which is no small feat when you’ll be bringing Baby home to a one bedroom apartment.  Our current conclusion?  Move our living room into our dining room (which is bigger than our current living room).  Make current living room into nursery/dining room (yes, we’re high class).  Keep our bedroom the same, just add pack and play.

Speaking of being sick, it just sucks when you’re pregnant.  Because no matter what your doctor tells you about how your baby is okay and totally protected, you can’t help but worry.  I constantly think, “Is she moving as much as usual?  Does she normally move at this time?  Shouldn’t she be moving right now?”  Which is a bit unreasonable considering that I’m sleeping approximately 14 hours a day, and she usually moves when I sleep so it’s possible she is moving just as much as always.  This is pretty much what the last 3 days have looked like around our house:



Rewind to our 27 week doctor’s appointment.  The only noteworthy thing that I learned was that I had gained 7 pounds in the previous 4 weeks.  Not exactly what I was aiming for, but I’m still only at 19 pounds overall, which my doctor says is “normal and fine”.  Hopefully, that won’t happen again.  I haven’t taken belly pics yet, so you’ll have to wait with bated breath for our 30 week photo shoot.


Rewind to what I’ll call “Something No One Ever Tells You About Pregnancy”:


I got the joyful experience of drinking this gross, thick , super sweet orange drink called “Glucola” to test for gestational diabetes (which I don’t have, thankfully).  And all pregnant women have to do this.  And no one EVER warns you about it.  So all you ladies out there, be warned.  Incidentally, this was a good lesson for me in how I never would have made it as a party girl in college.  It took me all of 9 minutes to drink 10 ounces (my time limit was 10 minutes, booyah!).  And I almost spit it all back up about 5 times.  I would not have survived any kind of drinking games.


Rewind to the Columbus Marathon.  My dad ran the full marathon (have I ever mentioned how amazing my father is?), and my studly husband ran the half marathon.  Royce beat his previous best time and ran a 1:38.  And I cheered and waited in the cold for him to get the five minute free massage after the race, for which I think I deserve a medal as well.


He's so fast I can never get the camera ready in time.


Rewind to Sunny’s first interaction with Baby Girl.  He likes getting in on the action of getting to know her already too.  He really enjoys licking my belly.



Rewind to the 23 week belly:

Week 23--160 lbs (4)

23 Weeks--Total weight gain 12 pounds


Finally, I leave you with our attempt at a family photo.



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