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Almost 24 weeks letter…

Dear Baby Girl,

I hope you’re liking the name Baby Girl because at the rate your father and I are going, that will be your given name, and when you’re old enough, we’ll just let you choose something you like. I’m constantly on the alert for a good girl’s name. I sat in Panera today, listening to the names over the loudspeaker, thinking maybe one would jump out to me. We have a few that we like, but none so far that we love. I want to just hear a name and know in my heart of hearts that it is your name.


It feels like there is a lot more pressure in naming a girl versus naming a boy. Want to go the biblical route? How about Rebekah? Oh, she’s the woman who manipulated her blind, dying husband into blessing the wrong child, the one she loved more than the other. (Sorry to anyone out there named Rebekah. I do think it’s a beautiful name. I just don’t really like her character in the Bible). There are no family names that stick out to us as being the name we’d want for you, our little girl. And the one name that I do like (no, I’m not telling you what it is yet) is apparently a very “popular” name right now. And I don’t want you to have the same name as 4 other girls in your kindergarten class.


So, Baby Girl it is.


Other than that, you seem to be developing quite nicely. I feel you move pretty regularly, especially at night when we’re laying down to go to sleep. I think you might be a little stubborn because every time we touch my stomach from the outside, you freeze. Then, as soon as your dad takes his hand away, you triple kick me like an expert ninja. I have a feeling in a couple years, your dad and I will be frantically reading books with titles like “How to Parent a Strong-Willed Child” or “So Your Child Won’t Listen…” You also were moving and grooving a lot during worship at Cru last week. I hope your dad’s music always brings you such joy.


In some ways I feel like we’re so far along in the pregnancy (almost 24 weeks), and yet the 4 more months we have to wait to meet you feels like forever. I can’t wait to see who you’ll come out looking like, if you’ll have hair, what color eyes you’ll have. I can’t wait to hold your hand and cuddle you close to my chest. I can’t wait to see your dad lying on the couch with you (most likely making you watch some weird sci-fi show about superheroes or aliens since you won’t be old enough to protest). Most of all, I can’t wait to learn about who you are.


Beautiful, nameless you. Our Baby Girl.


With all my love,

Your Mama


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While most people spent their Labor Day weekend cooking out with friends and family, watching fireworks (if you live in Cincinnati) and relaxing, the Bakers spent their weekend selling french fries to the masses at Ohio’s largest fair–the Canfield County Fair.  Why would we do this you ask?  Well, we are going to Washington DC for a few days in November and realized we needed some money to pay for the trip.  And my uncle runs a french fry stand, which I have worked in for approximately 12 summers of my life.  Royce married into the fry business, andhe’s caught on quite nicely.


The one advantage of spending your weekend selling fries while 20 weeks pregnant is that you can be pretty selective about what you will and will not do in the trailer.  I got to “work the counter” the whole time…no moving 50 pound boxes of potatoes, no chopping them in the back, no moving the baskets of fries around.  I really avoided the manual labor part of the job and just dealt with the customers (which comes with its fair share of headaches, trust me).  My favorite conversation with customers:


Customer:  I’ll have the large fry.

Me:  Okay, that will be $9. (Our large fry is actually a huge bucket of fries.  And I’ll be honest NO ONE needs that many french fries ever.  Unless you’re part of the Duggar family perhaps.)

Customer:  $9 for french fries??!! 

Me:  (Pointing at the signs clearly displaying all of our prices) All of our prices are right here.

Customer:  I guess I’ll just have the small.

And this, my friends, is the conversation I get paid to have all day long


Being pregnant, I started to notice a lot more about parenting while helping families out this weekend.  I will preface this by saying that I know I will not be a perfect parent.  I know I will make a million mistakes and people will look at me and think I am a horrible mom.  But I also think it is wise to watch other parents and pick up on things that might be pit falls in parenting.  Things that I’m pretty sure would be pretty easy traps to fall into.  And here are some of the things I observed… 

1.  Parents don’t act like parents very often.  They act like their children are in charge of decisions.  It happened countless times, same scenario.  Mom with a couple of kids walks up to the counter.  She looks down at the kids and asks, “Can you guys share a fry?”  They inevitably answer, “No.”  The mother then looks at me and with an exasperated sigh says, “I guess we need two small fries.”  Because her kids have told her that they can’t share.  I want to step out of the trailer, shake this woman and yell in her face, “Don’t you realize that you are the parent?  You are buying the fries.  You decide if they can share!  If they can’t handle it, they don’t get the fries.  Step it up woman and have a spine!!!”


2.  My other favorite thing parents do is actually ask their kids what size of fries they want.  The kids are never satisfied with a small (which, to be honest, is way too huge for me to eat by myself).  No, they have to get a regular (otherwise known as medium in the world of normal people).  One woman ordered 2 regular fries for her 2 kids.  These kids are probably 8 and 10 years old, and they are eating $12 worth of fries by themselves.  Really?  Woman, have you not heard of the childhood obesity crisis?  Have you not heard of teaching self control to your children?  Do you really think your kid needs to eat 20 ounces of french fry???


3.  On a lighter note, if you’re buying a stroller, consider the height of your husband.  If he is over 6 foot tall, it is probably not the best idea to go for the cheapest umbrella stroller the store carries.  Because he will spend his day at the fair hunched over like Quasimodo pushing the kiddos around.


All this said, I think that after this weekend, I can safely say I will never buy my child her own french fry because she is unable to share with others.  And please, don’t you be that mom either.

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Halfway There…

20 Weeks--Total Weight Gain 8 Pounds

20 Weeks--Total Weight Gain 8 Pounds

I don’t have a lot to say today, but wanted to get the new pictures up before we leave for the weekend (again).  I know I don’t look super big in the picture, but I am to the point where I’m only wearing maternity jeans.  No more BellaBand with my regular ones.  It was really sad to put my favorite jeans from the Buckle in a tote to be stored in the basement until who knows when. 

Also, I’d like you to meet our baby girl…

Isn't her spine awesome?

Isn't her spine awesome?

This next one is my favorite.  It’s a little hard to see because I don’t have a scanner and therefore am just taking pictures of the ultrasounds, but it’s her little arms in front of her face.  The same arms she used to try to punch out the ultrasound lady.  That’s my girl.

Baby Girl Baker hiding from us

Baby Girl Baker hiding from us

Hope you have a happy Labor Day weekend!

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